About us

The Scaligera Philately & Numismatics Society of Verona (A.F.N.S) was founded in Verona in July 2nd 1933. The Society has been named in honour of the ancient and noble "Della Scala" family, who many centuries ago - during a more than a century-long rule - brought power and enlightenment to Verona.

At the beginning the Society was made of 16 members, with Mr. Renzo Bernardelli as a chairman.
THE PURPOSE of the Society was to achieve the following goals:
  • To facilitate contacts between member collectors.
  • To enable exchanges of stamps between members.
  • To create a specific library.
  • To audit important pieces.
  • To place catalogues and magazines at the members' disposal.
TODAY, after 88 years since its foundation, the Scaligera Society is formed by more than 200 members and is the most important body of its kind in Verona and also one of the most significant societies in Italy within this field.
Mr. Michele Citro has been holding the position of chairman for many years.
The other members of executive are:
Vice Chairman Cucuzza Sandro
Book-Keeper treasurer Melladò Enrico
Secretary Ambrosini Piero
Councillors Calò Livio
De Palo Tommaso
Gandini Ercolano
Maistrello Renzo
Rossini Roberto
Regular chek clerk Toffaletti Enrico
Visentini Adriano
College of arbitrators Gallifuoco Michele
Pili Antonio
Romagnano Luigi

OUR MAIN ACHIEVEMENTS: the Society has undertaken numerous activities every year and in particular the following should be mentioned:
  • “VERONA ‘80”: an important National Philatelic Exhibition, which was organised in co-operation with "Poste Italiane" (the Italian Postal Services) and the Federation of Italian Societies;
  • “VERONA ‘84”: a celebration of the final phase of the National Philatelic Day;
  • “VERONA ‘96”: a contest of Postal History and Air Mail themes;
  • "100a Veronafil" Nazional philatelic fair;
  • Philatelic history;
  • Modern phikatelic;
  • Philatelic treasurer;
  • A series of exhibitions, which have been regularly organised within the framework of "VERONAFIL"
  • Le mostre effettuate sistematicamente in occasione delle “VERONAFIL”.
  • Il raggiungimento dell' apertura di "SPAZIO FILATELIA" a Verona, unica città non capoluogo diventata capitale della filatelia;
  • Il conseguimento dell'emissione di un francobollo dedicato ai 50 anni di Vinitaly;
  • Lo svolgimento del Campionato Cadetti di Storia Postale;
  • Premio Fenaroli di Filatelia Musicale.

VERONAFIL: twice a year the Scaligera Society organises a big exhibition called "VERONAFIL", which is one of the main event in this field and attracts hundreds of traders and tens of thousands of collectors to Verona.

AFFILIATED SOCIETIES: the Scaligera Society has close ties with other philately Societies in Schaffhausen (since 1974) and in Gau-Algesheim (since 1989).